castor oil for hair: organic,unrefined, cold pressed DIY beauty recipe

Castor oil for hair: Organic,unrefined, cold pressure DIY beauty recipe

 Product description

Castor oil for hair is one of  moisturizing oil for hair, skin and DIY beauty recipe weighing 16 FLOZ/ 473 ML preserved using High Pressure Processing (HPP) method also known as cold pressure and unrefined.

Organic castor oil contains antioxidants and vital vitamins that help in stimulating hair growth and lush eyelashes no wonder it’s coined as “a miracle oil”.

Price Range:   About $15.95

Target audience: Consumed by both women & men organic castor oil is packed with ingredients antioxidants & vitamin E that help in strengthening thin hair, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.


  • Hair
  • Lips
  • Face
  • Body
  • Hand & Feet

Grow more hair with castor oil

castor oil for hair renews the scalp’s natural oil and revitalizes the hair. Antioxidant found in castor oils boosts natural keratin, making the hair smoother and stronger, this product is also rich in vitamin E helpful in repairing split ends.

Apply castor oil for hair to the scalp and massage, wait for 30 minutes before rinsing, for faster results heat the oil to penetrate scalp faster or add small drops of lavender oil to accelerate hair growth. Alternatively leave castor oil solutions and cover hair with shower cap.

castor oil for hair










Apply castor oils for fine lush eyelashes.

Grow long and lush eyelashes, apply a drop to your eyelashes or eyebrows before going to sleep and rinse in the morning for better results.

castor oil for hair


Castor oil benefits

  • Accelerate hair growth
  • Improves eyelashes growth
  • Castor oil contains antibacterial properties helpful to combat bacterial and fungal infections

Castor oil for hair: Organic,unrefined, cold pressure DIY beauty recipe

About the product

GREAT FOR THE SKIN AND HAIR: Rich in vitamins and fatty-acids, castor oil promotes better hair growth and helps nourish and hydrate the skin. 100% NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Produced with the highest quality standards using real castor oil, sourced directly from organic artisanal farmers in India.

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR AND SKIN TYPES: Made using organic, chemical-free substances, the Sky Organics Castor Oil is perfect for all skin and hair types. It is also free from artificial additives and won’t cause any allergies and irritations when used.

COLD-PRESSED OIL: The Organic Castor Oil from Sky organics is cold-pressed without heat or chemical substances like hexane. This way, it retains all the healing properties of the oil, without any harmful additives or ingredients.

GIVES AMAZING RESULTS: With its natural, healing properties, the Sky Organics Castor Oil will give you incredible results as your hair and skin will immediately absorb its nutrients and thus giving you the best transformation in time.



  • Fight Acne
  • Promote hair growth
  • Relieve sunburns
  • Smoothen stretch marks

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